Do THERAPRINA products meet highest quality standards?
We offer formulas that meet the Whole Foods Premium Standards for Personal Care Products. Our formulations include raw materials that are kosher, vegan, and/or biodegradable. We also use organic ingredients whenever possible.

Are THERAPRINA products Gluten-Free?
Under USDA and NSF certification, a manufacturer MUST comply with the FDA’s gluten-free labeling rules and definitions required for any and all 3rd Party Certifications. Therefore, all of our products labeled gluten-free have been pre-approved by the USDA and abide by all FDA standards and definitions of gluten-free.

Does Theraprina test on animals?
We are a 100% cruelty free operation. No animal testing is ever done or supported by THERAPRINA.

Do THERAPRINA products work for all skin types?
Our products are formulated to work with all skin types. Please note, different product combinations may be necessary to see full benefit given the various types of skin. See our skin care guide to different skin types, to help determine the best product combination for your specific skin.

Are THERAPRINA products suitable for sensitive skin?
Our products are made using natural ingredients specifically formulated to be as gentle on your skin as possible. 

How long is the shelf life on my products, and can they change color?
THERAPRINA Skincare products can be used for 12-18 months upon opening. When remained sealed, they maintain a 24-month lifespan. Please note that prolonged exposure to high temperatures, humidity and exposure to sunlight or air may adversely impact any formulation.

Do you use artificial coloring in your products?
No we do not. All THERAPRINA products are free of artificial colors, so the appearance of the products is shown as a direct result of creation. Please note, due to its natural condition, products may vary by batch or even change over time. Rest assured, this does not affect the integrity of the product and remains completely safe for your skin.

I'm pregnant and/or breastfeeding. Can I use your products?
All our products at THERAPRINA  are 100% safe for those who are pregnant and breastfeeding. We always recommend, however, to consult with your healthcare provider to get the most comprehensive safety information about any skincare product(s) you wish to use.

Does THERAPRINA use sustainable packaging?
THERAPRINA uses only eco-friendly materials for packaging and shipping, including fully recyclable paper and cardboard shipping materials. Our plastic components are accepted at all recycling centers. THERAPRINA practices zero waste and recycling protocols to maintain an eco-friendly operation for the greenest bottom line possible. We are constantly conducting R&D evaluations to improve our sustainability measurement. 

Our goal is to utilize 100% recyclable elements from recycled paper to fully eliminate plastic waste. This means incorporating 100% sustainability into all of our product, packaging, and agriculture practices by no later than 2025.

How do your airless pump bottles work?
Airless bottles are considered to be a real breakthrough in cosmetic packaging innovation. Airless bottles prevent air exposure, which helps protect and conceal the skin care creams, serums, and foundations that are packaged in each container. Airless bottle packaging has helped increase shelf life in cosmetic packaging by 15% more. The innovative technology used in our airless bottles include a diaphragm that rises to help evacuate the product and allows all the substances within the bottles to be used without any waste left.

Advantages of using airless pump bottles as opposed to other cosmetic packaging containers includes:

  • The double wall has two advantages: It offers the¬†sense of luxury that fits the product itself. Second, the double wall has a useful function and serves as a double-protector for the products inside.
  • The clear, plastic wall of the airless bottles allows for the product to be viewable from the outside so you as the customer knows exactly what you are getting, before purchasing.
  • Airless pump bottles are ideal for sensitive products because it is significantly reducing exposure to oxygen which can cause oxidation and degrade the product.
  • The design and function of our airless bottles prevents wastage and oxygen exposure. Due to the rising piston function in our airless bottles, the dosage is exact with every pump, allowing the customer to extract the remaining product without any issues.¬†¬†

Why do some of your products contain alcohol?
We use a naturally derived food-grade alcohol from organically grown wheat that is fermented, distilled, and gluten-free. It also serves as a natural emulsifier, preservative and carrier‚ÄĒallowing ingredients to absorb more effectively into the skin.

Which of your products are "Organic"?
We specialize in using high quality ingredients formulated and manufactured utilizing innovative natural science. We always strive to source cruelty free and naturally derived, ingredients for our formulas. When we utilize the term organic, we certify that ingredient or product is free from all harmful chemicals, toxins, GMOs, and the health risks which are commonly associated with all of these.

Which of your products are vegan?
The vast majority of our products are vegan, except products that contain organic and sustainable beeswax, or organic yogurt extract.

Does THERAPRINA with any charitable organizations?
We believe in building a better future and encompassing equality across all forms of life. As it is our mission to improve the health and beauty of every living human being, we are currently working on developing a foundation focused on conducting research into finding a cure for cancer. In the short run, We look to partner with a foundation who is primarily associated with this kind of research in its main objectives. However, in the long run, we do aspire to develop our own non-profit foundation that does this, purely funded by the proceeds of Theraprina products itself. 

Does THERAPRINA offer an Affiliate Program?
We are currently working on developing an affiliate program for the near future. In the meantime, if you would like to be consider special business affiliations, please email your information to theraprina.direct@gmail.com.