This Is Our Story.


At The Core Of Theraprina

Theraprina is a plant-based skincare line dedicated to channeling the power of nature. We approach skincare with an unparalleled attitude toward quality, eco-consciousness and experience for everyone.

Who We Are

We believe the impossible, explore the impassable and test the unconventional.

We believe in the beauty of a bold lifestyle and the defiant attainability it provides. An authentic life is one in which you are not afraid to be different, rather you strive for it. Theraprina does not align with the status quo, instead we laugh at it. We don't attempt to fit in these predetermined boxes, we break through barriers to push our limits and create new ones. Conformity is not our style, as trying to keep up with the “standards of normality” is what creates your perception of fear.

We drive fear, as fear does not begin with our incapabilities, it’s a product of our infinite potential. The potential to live our wildest dreams, on OUR terms. We are all meant to shine as bright as the stars and a fearless attitude is the catapult to exploring your destiny.

We never seek acceptance because it makes you invisible, stifling individual brilliance by adding limitations that don't exist. Who are we not to be beautiful, powerful or to live without fear?

As we let our own light shine, we’re unconsciously inspiring people to shine their own away, alongside us, as part of our community.

Humble Beginnings

Theraprina’s interest in skin began through the observation of those close to us struggling with the unpredictability of unpleasant skin. We began searching for a way to give back hope through the benefit of change, both on your skin and in the world. Our Skincare is founded by true acts of perseverance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people, uplifting their lives by providing high quality natural skincare solutions. We aim to provide results that allow you to feel fearless in your own skin. We pursue growth, focusing on the journey rather than the destination. The beauty is in the exploration of your true self, surfacing unexpected experiences that allow you to challenge your limits.

Our Values

Theraprina values keeping our world and our community beautiful. We echo this daily, choosing only to create healthy products using the highest quality ingredients. We’re constantly evolving our methods of packaging and distribution to prioritize the safety of our environment and our consumers.


We utilize curiosity to propel experimentation to the forefront of our lives, stepping out of our comfort zone to seek out new experiences.


True creativity is impossible without some measure of passion. Driven by desire, will, optimism, and a little bit of insanity we are determined to deliver products that have purpose. There's no mountain we wont climb to deliver meaningful products that benefit our customers. We are a thriving community of people who live life to the fullest, determined to leave this place behind better than the way we found it.


We seek out unique interactions, as they have a tendency to result in deep-seated meaningful and beautiful innovations.


In simple terms, we’re real. We’re honest with ourselves and everyone we come across. We employ and empower like minded individuals who share in our vision to create a beautiful world. We will continue to embrace innovation and share what we learn along the way.




Being fearless is about who you are, not about what you do. It is an attitude, a way of approaching life. Fearless people live bold - they are filled with great energy and passion.

They seek greatness, only to share it with others.

The fearless ones can come in many forms and they can identify as many things.

They are the courageous, the extraordinary, the ones who embrace the challenge and risk being seen in all their glory. Willingness to make a change and embark on the adventure.

So drive fear by becoming fearless in your own skin.

Question the status quo. Push the limits.

It all starts with you.