All Natural & Organic

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Theraprina prides itself on its discovery and delivery of high-quality natural ingredients from around the world. Our extensive travel and research allowed us to develop unique formulas with plant-based ingredients to create effective, non-damaging skincare. Our team of experienced skincare experts dedicate themselves to producing only non-toxic organic formulas.

Our organic products are the same standards that apply to organic foods. We certify that our skincare products are free of all harmful chemicals, toxins, and GMO’s. We are committed to practicing responsible ingredient sourcing and development. Transparency is important to us, so we encourage you to go through our Ingredient Library to self-educate and familiarize yourself with our ingredients.


Cruelty Free & Vegan

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Theraprina is a proud friend to all animals, committing to running a cruelty free operation. We fully support animal rights, promising to continue to never test on animals or collaborate with those who do.

We will continue to strive for cruelty free beauty, refusing to use parabens, sulfates, and synthetic dyes in any of our formulas.

Cruelty free and vegan products have not been tested on animals; however, they can contain ingredients derived from animals naturally (such as: honey or beeswax). Our products that are defined as Vegan, are void of any ingredient from an animal or derived naturally. We always refrain from using direct-animal products and are focused on a cruelty free community.

Theraprina stands with animals today, tomorrow, and forever. 


Innovation & Sustainability

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Theraprina is on the forefront of sustainability and innovation, prioritizing both the people in our community and our planet. We are dedicated to minimizing the size of our environmental footprint, using only 100 percent biodegradable shipping. Our methods of production, manufacturing and shipping were developed to be as conservative as possible as we continue to evolve to a greener world.

We operate a complete filling and packaging system, maintaining an eco-friendly environment by implementing zero waste and stern recycling practices. Theraprina is on the cutting edge of research in all-natural product development, utilizing airless bottles to keep our high-quality formulas unexposed.

We balance nature and innovation to offer effective and safe skincare.



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Theraprina is a leader in clean beauty. We ethically source our ingredients to ensure each product is developed with the finest quality and without harmful pesticides. Our formulas are created with a nontoxic baseline, focusing on more effective results for your skin and the environment. We strive to keep your skin looking healthy and will continue to integrate new methods to always prioritize safe and sustainable beauty. We value transparency, utilizing clean labeling to keep our community informed.

Theraprina will continue to use clean and honest beauty to create change and build a likeminded community with likeminded beautiful people.